Our Core Values


  • Unique Selling Proposition
    Every company/product/person must have a unique selling proposition…something that makes it rise above the competition and provides a reason why customers will want it over something/someone else.

  • Present a Value
    Regardless of the product or service, the customer must perceive a value in the purchase. Most consumer value systems are based on right price at desired quality.

  • Best Merchant
    A great item/person sells itself. However, good marketing and salesmanship make many great items. Sell-thru is the key to additional sell-in. The last 3 feet of the sale is a “Best Merchant Key Driver”.

  • Best Operator
    Operations must support the merchandise. Thus, right product means nothing unless you have it at the right place competitively priced based on market intelligence and are utilizing a consumer friendly and relatively knowledgeable staff/process to sell it.

  • Low Cost Provider
    Regardless of revenue, incremental profit is gained via costs savings.

  • Gain Market Share
    Never stop selling. Truly great products/people grow market share on a continuous basis. Strategic growth involves sustained product success/market spread coupled with innovative product introductions.

We daily strive to consider these principles in all our own and our manufacturer partner activities. Success comes through our strategic partnered approach to business.